Living in the Netherlands I fill my days with listening to music, playing games, acting as a photographer, writing software, doing things on my computer, hanging around with my family, running, playing chess, drinking wine or working as an IT architect. All of this in no particular order and with varying frequency.The title of this blog comes from a Hüsker Dü song from their Flip your wig album, and describes how I feel about a lot things. Still it feels a bit more positive then Too far down or Hardly getting over it (the latter being my all-time Dü favourite).

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  1. Stefan


    Na de update naar ios11 werkt mpad niet meer. Dit is mijn meest gebruikte app!!!!
    Kan ik nog terug naar ios10?

    Is het mogelijk de app te updaten?

  2. Fergus

    Any chance of open sourcing MPaD?
    It’s an essential program for me, and easily the best mpd client available.
    If we could just recompile for 64-bit…

  3. Jean-Louis

    I am a long time user for mPOD and mPAD. MPOD has disappeared from my iPhone and the AppStore. Any chance to resurrect ?


  4. Victor

    Hi Berrie,
    It seems that this site and mPad/mPod hasn’t been updated in a while. You are probably busy with other stuff and priorities. Would you be willing to accept some free help, or better yet, make these programs open source? If not, could you confirm that you are still actively developing these software?
    Thanks for these great apps,

    1. Howard

      I was wondering the same thing. Is Mpad still being updated and supported? Long time user of this excellent product.
      Please advise.



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