MPaD ready for iOS7

Icon.png Shortly after the new MPoD version became available in the AppStore, the iOS7 ready version of MPaD was approved as well and is now available. Besides a new iOS7 look, it fixes some bugs in the playlist editing function, and improves the cover art retrieval from Discogs. Discogs is now checked before Amazon because it gives better results.
MPaD main screen

20 thoughts on “MPaD ready for iOS7

  1. Keith Jackson

    I preferred the tracks in album order instead of alphabetical
    any way to change back .For classical music the pieces are out of order

    1. Berrie Post author

      Can you provide an example of this? Because track order (based on id3tags) is what the application uses. Alphabetical sorting is only a fallback in case proper id3tags are missing.

  2. John Perko

    Mpad has stopped working with the latest iOS. The display disappears whenever you try to bring it forward. It does seem to be running in the background.

  3. C. Ru.

    I have a question about the data file Directory.
    In former Versions of mpad the mp3 tracks were available in the order of track numbers.
    In the newer Versions of mpad the mp3 tracks you can find them only in alphabetical order.

    I prefer the order by track numbers.

    Is there any posibility to Change this?

  4. JB

    Just purchased and installed MPaD on a brand new iPad air, delivered today. First app installed.

    For some reason I can’t get MPaD to download any album art at all (I tried with amazon, discogs, and both; I don’t have any covers stored on the mpd server nor a web server running). I doubt it’s a network issue on my side, as other mpd clients (android or ubuntu-based) on my network load album art all right…

    1. Berrie Post author

      Discogs cover art is broken, because they changed the terms on how it can be used. Amazon cover art is also not working well because it only allows a limited number of requests for all combined MPoD / MPaD users. For the short term I’m going to disable both these cover art sources, and rely completely on local cover art that is sourced from an (integrated) webserver.

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