Version 1.8 of MPoD and MPaD


Version 1.8 of MPoD and MPaD are released. Here’s what they have to offer:

iPhone & iPad

– Feature: Automatically (re)start stream if mpd is playing and mode is on-the-go.
– Feature: Show cover and track title on lock screen for on-the-go mode.
– UI Change: Move db functions (refresh local cache, update database) to settings menu.
– Bugfix: temporary application freeze when showing player popup.
– Bugfix: Correct sorting of album by artist (for The … artists).

– Feature: Support for iPhone 5.
– UI Change: Improved album view.

– Feature: cover art wizard.
– UI Change: put back stop button.

22 thoughts on “Version 1.8 of MPoD and MPaD

  1. Bill

    I am trying to use version 1.8 to talk to mpd on Volumio (formerly RaspyFi) running on a raspberry pi. Many times when looking at albums or tracks it gets the tracks completely mixed up. When I look at the now playing list, sometimes it too has all the wrong track information. It can stop, pause, start, and change tracks, but the information displayed is wrong. Other clients work fine, and MPoD works find with other servers. I have tried many things, including clearing and refreshing the cache.

    1. Bill

      Here is some more detail.

      On my network I have three MPD servers all using the same NAS for their music. On two of the MPD servers, the music files are located in “flac”. But on the Volumio server, due to the web interface it provides. the music files are located in “NAS/flac”. So the crux of the problem, from what I have been able to determine, is that multiple servers are providing the same list of songs but with different file paths. A song will be located in “flac/artist/01-song.flac” in one server and “NAS/flac/artist/01-song.flac” in another. This appears to confuse the cache. Using tcpdump on the Volumio server I see that MPoD gets the correct file information when refreshing its cache, but when I attempt to play anything it sends the wrong path in the “add” protocol statement.

      I have removed all servers, emptied the cache, and added just the Volumio server. But it still sends the wrong path information. If I play all items in a directory via “Browse” then it sends the correct paths in the “add” statements. If I turn off use of the cache then “Browse” continues to work but I don’t see any information at all under “Artist”, “Title”, or “Song”. I can fix this issue on my end by using the same paths on all servers, but you should be aware of this bug.

      1. Berrie Post author

        Caches for different servers should be completely independent, and your setup should just work. I will look into it.

  2. Stefan

    I am using iPhone5/iOS7 together with Pi-based “Musicbox” (Modipy) and Spotify. Unfortunately I cannot search for neither artist, album, songs, or access my playlists … grmpf. Just “now playing” works (as soon as I start a queue on web client). I disabled “local cache” without success. Any idea? Thx, Stefan

  3. Keith

    Glad to see a new version, but sadly still no use of the composer metadata. It can’t be that difficult to implement as a sort parameter and as a display on the now playing screens. Contrary to popular opinions there are a few people still left in the world who listen to classical music!

  4. Simon Kewin

    Using MPaD with the Pi-based Mopidy server software Music Box, mainly to connect through to Spotify. All works great except for one thing – I can’t search Spotify from MPaD. Works fine using the web server interface built into Music Box, but searching from MPaD returns nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is that not supported?

  5. Jeff

    Berrie, my file structure shows up under Browse, but the directories/files underneath are not alphabetized (i.e., the folder Hotel Costes is followed by Semi Precious Weapons and then by Carole King & James Taylor). How can I alphabetize the listing? Thanks much. JCR

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