New: forum for MPaD & MPoD related discussion

A forum section is added to better support discussions and questions around the Katoemba software. Initially the categories in the forum focus on MPaD and MPoD. The forum is available via the top-menu or by clicking here.

The possibility to post comments on the standard pages has been disabled.

MPoD 2.2 available

Icon.png This version brings back a couple of features that many people missed:

• Cover view
• Seek in tracks
• Display track quality
• Database cache loading progress view.

Furthermore there are significant changes to cover art handling:
• Loading local cover art is improved
• Cover art retrieval from Discogs and Amazon has been removed. Because of the rules and limitations that these services are now placing on the use of there services, they became unusable.

MPaD ready for iOS7

Icon.png Shortly after the new MPoD version became available in the AppStore, the iOS7 ready version of MPaD was approved as well and is now available. Besides a new iOS7 look, it fixes some bugs in the playlist editing function, and improves the cover art retrieval from Discogs. Discogs is now checked before Amazon because it gives better results.
MPaD main screen